We have the perfect media vehicle to promote any downtown event, meal deal, happy hour, trip, tour, you name it.  If  we feel our readers would be interested in participating in your event or venue, we can feature it!  With the abundance of things to DO in West Palm, we are limiting events to City  Place, Clematis Street and the surrounding DOwntown area.  Contact DoWestPalm to discuss featuring your event at our special 2013 prices!  And we’re on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube (over 70,000 views on YouTube alone) also!

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We’ve been lax in updating our statistics pages, so we delved into our multiple sources for statistics and pulled out some more current numbers (click for full size image).

First, our traffic numbers for 2012, from our web servers statistic (all pages):


Our goal has always been to market too and for the Downtown West Palm Area; we use Google Analytics on our home page only to get more granular statistics. These are from December only, and only represent ratios since we get many hits on blogs and pages directly. Please note that our visitors are the most likely to visit West Palm demographically. We’ve spent great time and effort (and not a few dollars on Google Adwords) to very closely target those internet viewers likely to visit our fine downtown WPB venues.

Here is an overview of December 2012:


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