What is DoWestPalm?

DoWestPalm is a site where every event, happy hour, specials and all of the DOwntown music can be found in one place.

Why Should I visit DowestPalm?

Unlike other local event sites, we are constantly updating information.  It is as current and accurate as we can make it.  We look forward to attending and reviewing many of the events we feature.  We take pictures and videos and blog during or immediatley after the event.  We live DOwntown and want to share everything DOwntown has to offer and make it as easy as possible to find.

If you’re looking for something to do you can plan your parking, happy hour, meal, movie, band and late night snack, all in one place.  It was a service that was seriously lacking and from the need, grew this site.

Why are only downtown events featured?

There is so much to DO DOwntown, we are currently just focusing on making this site as accurate and current as possible.  We feel that with the wide variety of  resturants from Ruth’s Chris to Pizza Girls and music choices from Vince Neil’s Feelgoods to BB Kings Blue’s, there’s something for everyone in this concentrated entertainment district.

Can I promote my event on DoWestPalm?

Yes,  please contact us with your event details and if we feel our readers would be interested in attending your event, we would be happy to feature your event on our site.  Please keep in mind that the event must take place in the downtown and surrounding area.

How much does it cost to list my event?

We are currently listing events for Free!  We are currently updating our 2015 pricing structure but listings and features are very affordable and flexible, ranging from $25 -$50 depending on length and level of visabilty

Does it have to be an “event” to be listed?

No, we try our best to include everything downtown from shopping, tours, movies, spas even church services at The Harriett Himmel Theater.  If  you have an idea that you don’t consider an event, contact us and let’s discuss it.  This is your site and if there is anything we can do to make it better, please let us know