Clematis Street, Top 10 Streets in America

Clematis Street, DO West Palm’s favorite street has won a spot in the 2014 Top 10 Strets of America!  That’s right, OF AMERICA!  Wow!  Clematis Street shares the list with the likes of Pennslvania Avenue and Broadway.  How crazy is that?  We’re very lucky here in DOwntown to have so many choices for dining and enetertainment within 5 short blocks.  We’ve always known how great Clematis Street is, maybe now the world will hear more about it. has been a fan of Clematis Street since we started this website over 5 years ago.  This site actually started with a conversation outside the Clematis Street Newstand after a Clematis By Night concert.  We have been posting, blogging and tweeting every chance we get.  Mostly about the live music, of course.  It’s no secret that we are big fans of the live music on Clematis Street. There are so many venues, city sponsored concerts and block parties it’s hard to keep up.  Just last night Respectable Street celebrated it 27th anniversary with a 500 block, block party featuring 27 BANDS that wrapped up at 4am.  What other street can pull that off?  Only Clematis Street.  Did I mention the block party was Free?!

It could be the live music on Clematis Street and in the entire DOwntown district that separates Clematis from other streets and DOwntowns in America.  If it isn’t, it should be.  Live music plays a big part in the vibe of Clematis Street.  You can here live music from every corner.  On any average weekend  you have close to 50 free, live acts to choose from, many of them outdors with the beautiful South Florida breeze.  Music does get a mention in the Clematis Street Top 10 description but in this blog, the live music tkaes center stage

It’s easy to see why Clematis Street won a spot in the Top 10 Best Streets of America.  There are so many things to DO DOwntown.  We’ve always said that Clematis Street and the entire DOwntown disctric is the perfect combination of the weather, the walkabilty, the waterfront and weekly live music like the Clematis By Night outdoor concert series every Thursday night.  When you have a city where all of those elements align, you’ve got  The Best Live Music Line Up in The World!

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