There’s a SunFest size Music Fest Every Weekend in DOwntown West Palm

It’s no secret we here at Do West Palm are huge supporters of live music, and we try to spread the word every chance we get about Downtown West Palm being “The Best Live Music Line Up in the World.”  It’s what we’ve been constantly promoting and the topic of a previous blog which highlights the number of DOwntown acts, the number of venues, and their proximity. It can be read here:

So I’m going to take this opportunity once again to applaud this city’s abundance of live music with a little comparison… actually, a big comparison. You see, last Friday I was out for a walk with a planned stop at the free Jazz on the Palm event and a goal of making it to City Place before 11 to see Jason Cardinal (don’t miss him next time he makes his way DOwntown). While walking up Clematis and down Rosemary I quickly realized that within that short walk I was able to peek in and hear songs from about 10 bands in less than 10 blocks. I know we’ve been promoting the amount of music this town offers within walking distance for years, but I started to wonder if a typical weekend of live music could rival the number of bands during the Sunfest weekend. Could we be in the middle of a music festival every weekend? DO festivals occur Downtown 52 times a year? The challenge was on. I had to document 50 bands over 5 days for the following weekend. Unfortunately, I just missed the weekend with Jazz on the Palm and Sunday on the Waterfront so I started 2 bands down.

To make it official, I challenged myself to produce a schedule prior to the weekend so that everyone could enjoy a holiday weekend full of music. Seems easy enough, right? All I’d have to do is spend 30 minutes on Google searching the acts that aren’t on our site and plug the results into a spreadsheet. Well, it turns out it wasn’t that easy.   It took hours, over a couple of days with many phone calls, voicemails and no returned calls. I really don’t understand why a venue spends money and time booking and paying a band with the goal to bring in customers and does nothing to promote it. They not only don’t put it on the web, they don’t even know who’s playing when you call for the info.

I understand in the hectic service industry, posting calendars is not a big priority but it would be much easier for visitors, tourists, and live music fans to enjoy the offerings of this great city and the great venues if whoever is booking the bands could spend a little time promoting them. Hell, we can post the info for you.

For this town to truly become a live music destination like Austin, Athens, or Ashville our venues need to get the word out. The combination of multiple walkable venues and wonderful weather for both indoor and outdoor event all year round can rival any city as a live music destination.

If the venues need help, we’re here. Do West Palm has been in the middle of DOwntown music scene for years. We’ve been promoting the pros of this great city all along the way. We have up to 250 unique visitors to our website everyday of people looking for things to DO. With over 50 musical acts in any given weekend and our site’s commitment to live music, you can bet a lot of our site’s visitors are looking for who’s playing live music and where. This is a great city and live music is a big part of it. We just all have to work together to get the word out. 50 live bands within walking distance on any given weekend can’t be found in any average city…

Okay, I’ll get off the soapbox but putting this list together wasn’t as easy as it should have been. We are very lucky here in DOwntown West Palm with all of the live music options. We should be making multiple top 10 lists as one of the finest live music destinations in the US. We can make those lists and make Downtown a destination if everyone works together getting the word out, starting by letting people know who’s playing and where.

So does an average Downtown West Palm weekend have as many musical acts as Sunfest, the second biggest music festival in Florida? Yes it does and then some. Here it is. I’m calling it the Memorial Day Do West Fest. Be sure check out some of the bands, enjoy the Memorial Day and as always support live music whenever you can!


BB Kings Patio – Joe Birch

Copper Blues – The Leftovers

Backyard Bar – Joey George


Palm Stage – Jessie Young (CBN)

Norton – Stephan Mikes

O’Shea’s – The Lahinch Mob

BB Kings – Albert Castillia

Copper Blues – Speechless

Wine Dive – Susan Merritt Band

Long Boards – Red Lyte and the Sound


O’Shea’s – The Lone Jennies

Revolutions – The Kinected

BB Kings – Candye Kane

BB Kings – BB King All Stars

Lucillie’s – Kat Riggins and Blue Train

Blue Martini – Higher Ground

City Place Stage – Samantha Russell

World of Beer – Paula Tolley

Copper Blues – Jamie Rasso

Copper Blues – Raine

Grease – Artikal Sound System

Tin Fish – David Goodman

Backyard Bar – Chase & Tyler

Tequila Cowboy – Tom Jackson

Wine Dive – GrooveBox

Meyer – Bootsey Collins

Meyer – Cameo

Meyer – Lakeside

Meyer – Morris Day and the Time

Meyer – Confunksion

Oli’s – Live Drums


O’Shea’s – Rockslide

BB Kings – Turnstiles (Billy Joel)

BB Kings – BB King All Stars

Lucille’s – The Kinected

Blue Martini – Oro Blue

City Place Stage – Shakedown

World of Beer – Social Fly

Copper Blues – The New Planet

Grease – Raggy Monster

Tin Fish – Westminster Trio

Green Market – TBD

Oli’s – La Lina Band

Bar Louie – TBD


BB Kings – Laura Vivas w/ BB Kings All Stars

ER Bradleys – Cheezy & The Crackers

ER Bradleys – Spred the Dub

Backyard Bar – Jason Hanley

Respectable Street – 80’s Prom/live band TBD

Roxy’s – Spazmatics

If you would like to promote your venue or band (if it is playing DOwntown) let us know.



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