The Heart of Rock and Roll is in … Country? Chase Stites certainly rocks…

I’ve been in many “discussions” with my musical compatriots (and some family members) regarding the “demise” of Rock and Roll.  “There aren’t any good rock bands any more,” they bemoan.

I’ve been to a few rock concerts over many years, and a few country concerts in recent years, and I’ve come to appreciate the music I hear at these “country” concerts… I’ve heard multiple covers of Led Zeppelin, and covers of Aerosmith and other rock icons — good covers, no twang included.  While I like many of the current “sort-of-rock” bands, and am a big jam band fan, I’ve come to the conclusion that the new country bands are the ones playing rock and roll these days.

I was glad to hear the music of Chase Stites follows the “new country” “old rock and roll” model; Chase and his band followed up our favorite top 40 cover band Wonderama at CityPlace in a benefit for Oklahoma tornado victims.  Chase performed mostly originals, with great hooks and a tight, rockin’ band accompanying his fine vocals and acoustic guitar. Stites is a singer/songwriter to watch closely; while he’s got a lot of Nashville competition, he’s got the whole package: Great vocals, great band, great arrangements, great stage presence.

Chase looks like he might be a perfect fit for the soon-to-open Tequila Cowboy club in CityPlace (more on them soon!) with his great new country sound.  Here’s a sample of what he played downtown…

If you missed the concert you can still contribute to the Tornado Relief here.  And thanks to Chase and Wonderama (and all the others) for donating your time and skills!

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