World class performers at a small (but world-class venue): The Backyard Bar with Jonathan Edwards and Blues Dragon

You just never know what you’re going to run into when you explore the downtown West Palm music scene.  We stopped into the Backyard Bar on Rosemary to listen to one of our favorite blues acts – Blues Dragon – (sized down for this venue) and Jonathan Edwards sat to play harmonica for a couple songs and sing one (his son-in-law sat in on guitar for one song also).  Unfortunately our Zoom was low on batteries so we couldn’t capture more, but the music was a treat.  Edwards is headlining the Kravis tonight (he’s famous for his song, “Sunshine,” among others) but we got to hear a preview of this great artist performing with some of our fantastic local musicians.  We are constantly amazed at what a rich music scene is here in these few blocks of downtown West Palm, and it’s soon to expand significantly with the addition of four more music venues at CityPlace this year.  Watch this blog space for a feature article coming up on the future of West Palm as a music destination rivaling Austin, Nashville, and other more recognized Mecca’s for live music!



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