Prog Rock, Music Legends, Great Country, Essential Blues in Downtown West Palm…

Just wanted to throw up a few words here to highlight some of the great music this week and the last few in West Palm (and point to some of the videos we shot).

Coming up tomorrow (9/19) is Ian Anderson performing the classic Thick As A Brick and his sequel TAAB2.  CLICK HERE to read our more comprehensive article about the upcoming show and thoughts about the new piece. We’ve been pestering the management at the Kravis to get us some decent seats in exchange for our flowery praise we always give their venue, but they haven’t returned our calls yet for this show!

Last Sunday night Samantha Russell and a pared-down band was at Roxy’s 10-2  featuring Steve Weisberg, John Denver’s guitar player and a legendary multi-instrumentalist and songwriter.

We found out about this at the last moment and tweeted it out to our followers; still it seemed that there was a fair crowd there.  Russell’s vocals shined (as they alway do) and her excellent band was well complemented by Weisberg’s great dobro playing.

Another great source of great country music is Grease on Wednesdays; we recently heard another great female vocalist — Cecilia Lauren — doing some great covers with her band.

Visit our YouTube Channel (http://YouTube/DoWestPalm) for more videos by Samantha and Cecilia; we’re grateful that Grease and other establishments (CityPlace, etc.) are committed to bringing some great country music downtown…

And one of our favorite blues bands — Blues Dragon — was at the Backyard Bar, downsized for the small space, but still doing great blues music as a three piece.  Especially impressive (to us drummers) was the ZenDrum used there by their drummer,  “Rico” Gerari.  Check out the great job he does with his guitar-like drum midi controller.

Sorry about the poor video quality, but it’s an “intimate” setting and doesn’t have much for lights on the band.  The new location for the bandstand is much better than where it has been in the past, however.

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