The SoFlo Blues Society filled BB Kings with Great Music, Great People, and Great Bands Sunday in West Palm!

It can be pretty hard to define the “blues;” at one extreme some consider it anathema to have electric instruments at all, and others consider Zeppelin to be the greatest blues band of all time. The best blues bands in South Florida gave us a great taste of many flavors of blues on Sunday afternoon at the Blues Challenge at BB Kings in downtown West Palm Beach.  Some songs had a latin feel; the rockabilly groove was evident with many, and there was some Neville-class funk going on as well.  Bands were limited to 15-20 minutes or so, and so they were able to showcase their finest original material.  There wasn’t a band playing, however, that couldn’t hold a crowd for a couple of full sets.

Somehow the organizers got the eleven bands who made it to West Palm (the 12th band had a medical emergency and couldn’t play) on and off the stage in record time.  Jeff Kissinger (BB Kings’ great sound tech) got the groups dialed in fast, and all eleven bands sounded great.

I’m not sure how the South Florida Blues Society vetted the bands,  but there wasn’t a “bad egg” in the basket. The six judges had quite a job in deciding the winner in this bunch.

Last year’s overall winner aced this year’s People’s Choice award; Blues Dragon had the crowd calling for more at the end of their sixteen minute three song set.  If you haven’t heard the band, make sure you take a listen.    They weren’t destined to take another trip to Memphis, however.

The winner of the SoFlo Blues Challenge for 2012 was the Joel DaSilva and the Midnight Howl, who opened early in the day with a great performance.  We’re anticipating that they’ll make a great showing in the national competition for South Florida.

We’ve got a playlist with selections of all the bands playing at the Blues competition on our YouTube site, so you can listen again (if you were there with us) or see what you missed.

BB King’s did a great job as the host of the event, even with the rush of hungry Obama rally attenders flooding the kitchen with orders midway through the performances.  (There were actually 13 bands at BB King’s Saturday; Ike and Val opened the Sunday Brunch with great soul and R&B and Roscoe Martinez was rocking the side stage into the evening at Lucilles.)



Thanks, BB Kings and South Florida Blues Society, for bringing a fastastic showcase of blues music to West Palm again this year!  (You can search our YouTube channel for some of last year’s performances also!)




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