Lots of Lovers of Gwen McCrae Packed out BB Kings for the Benefit Concert in West Palm

What a great benefit concert for Gwen McCrae! We were amazed at how well Derek Mack and  Marcia Mitchell Music (and probably dozens others) organized such a wealth of musicians on relatively short notice.  The backing band kept as tight a groove as you could want, and the house FOH tech for BB Kings worked his behind off to keep the spotlight on the South Florida Whos Who of  great vocalists, including many of the McCrae family.  (Some of SoFlo’s best musicians were on stage too.)  I couldn’t keep track of everyone on stage…

If you couldn’t make it and you want to help out Gwen, you can facebook message the organizers.   Here’s some snippets of video we shot at the concert…  we were there from the beginning to 10:30 or so…








  1. susan, 8 years ago

    Nice !! And you can check out my photos of the event here……


  2. Ericka McCrutcheon, 8 years ago

    I wasn’t able to make it! But I know all went well! My prayer is for Gwen to recover and return home to her family, friends and many fans. Congrats to the Derek Mac Band and the many other Artist for their support!

  3. Tim Mitchell (Spain) Love you guys, 8 years ago

    Great concert..wish I could have been there..just great talent in So Florida