DoWestPalm Loves Original, Local Music. Check out the DoWest Fest we’d like to hold!

The DoWest Fest Kickstarter site is live!

We started DoWestPalm a little over a year ago, as a one-stop shop of information about music, happy hours, and all the other great things going on in Downtown West Palm Beach.  Our site began as a advertising vehicle but soon was transformed by our love for live music.  We picked up a video camera with high quality audio (the Zoom Q3, which we soon upgraded to HD on video) and found that we could beat nearly all the live handheld video out there floating up on YouTube.  (It’s so nice not having the audio blown out!) 

Soon we had tens of thousands of views of West Palm live music on our YouTube channel.  (

Mike (Kasen) had the idea of highlighting all the quantity of live music available in the space of (basically) Rosemary to Clematis street. We calculated that on a good weekend there were 30 or more bands playing downtown, and so we tried to think of a way to highlight that. Thought about a poster listing all the bands, but never got farther…

Then, a few months later, we started discussing how many of the bands would slip in great original songs, and the idea for a Original music fest was born.  Why not (we thought) create an atmosphere that would let bands feature their originals instead of just slipping them in?  Why not have these great bands as foreground music instead of background music?

Someone was bemoaning the lack of a local radio station that featured local music, so we started a trial of a radio player on our website that featured local original bands (we’re still working on that).

So we continued fine-tuning the idea of an original music fest centered in West Palm on the order of a mini SXSW (the first year).  And we started to focus on a wonderful tool for generating funding for artistic endeavours — Kickstarter.  We flew the idea past some of our favorite bands; we floated it to some bar managers; we got quite favorable responses, so we put together a budget, a video, got the necessary steps with Kickstarter covered, and developed the framework for a music festival of original, local music.

There’s lots more info at our KickStarter campaign site!   Make sure you check out all the details (and the perks for helping us in this endeavour)!

Watch the Kickstarter campaign site for updates as to the bands and the venues over the next few weeks (we’ve got some firm commitments from some great bands)!

We’ll have updates on KickStarter and as our project continues!




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