Jamie Rasso Band a great addition to downtown music in West Palm with Blues, Originals, fantastic guitar/vocals.

It’s not terrible often I hear a trio really cut it live, but the Jamie Rasso Band gave us a fantastic performance at O’Shea’s on Clematis last night, with Jamie Rasso on guitar and vocals backed by Bassist Robert Bernhardt and Cliff Guest on drums.  Rasso looks to be in his 20’s but plays and sings like he’s been doing this for decades…  When we saw the band taking the stage, we had high expectations (Hendrix t-shirts on the players, and vintage gear on the stage) and they proved to be a great band that we plan to follow.  Great original music (some highly technical, but still listenable) and a good selection of covers kept us at O’Sheas twice as long as we had planned.

Rasso has some of the best guitar tone I’ve ever heard on a small stage (and a few large ones). That’s pretty fantastic by itself, but he has the technical expertise to pull off the Hendrix and John Mayer licks he covers, and the feel to play them like he owns them.  And he can riff along while singing strong, confident vocals — not an easy thing to do well, and Rasso does it very well.

We get requests from bands every once in a while requesting that we pull videos we’ve taken, since they “don’t represent the band.”  Actually, our little Zoom Q3HD camera gets pretty good audio, and my suspicion is that  the bands don’t like to hear the glaring mistakes they’ve made live (or have others hearing them).   We will pull them on request, but we don’t make an effort to support or promote them after that…   This band sounds great live, and we may have set a DoWestPalm record on number of songs taped at one sitting.

I researched the band after getting home, and found out that Rasso’s band was a runner up for the SunFest band competition this year; I think they should have won.  I’ve heard the winning band live a couple of times and I’d pay to hear Jamie Rasso play again (did I mention that some bands have had us pull their crappy performances off our YouTube channel…? Not mentioning any names, but…)

Rasso’s guitar and vocals drives the band, but he couldn’t swing the trio gig without the skilled, competent backing by Bernhardt and Guest.  I’ve heard Cliff Guest play before, but on guitar (and he’s a great guitarist as well as a great drummer) in Lake Worth with Heidi and the El Cats (another band we’ve got to get up here in West Palm).

You can visit Jamie Rasso’s Facebook Page to get more info about Jamie and his band– can’t wait to hear them as they progress in the Downtown West Palm music scene.

Here’s a couple of the videos from the 9-10 I took at O’Sheas:

If you want to hear more great videos from this band (or others) visit our YouTube page.  We look forward to more music from this great band in Downtown West Palm Beach!


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