We’re Looking forward to great Sunfest Music Just Around the Corner (and Down The Street)

With the 2012 SunFest just a couple of weeks away, it’s a good time to think about all the great concerts we’ve seen there over the last few years… SunFest has brought a fantastic lineup to West Palm every year for decades now.  And for every one that comes to memory, there is a great one coming up…


One of my favorites was Journey in 2004; their great drummer Deen Castronovo had just been playing with them for a few years and it was my first time seeing him play (outside of when he played on my drum set back in Salem, Oregon when he was just the little kid brother of a close friend of mine).  Journey was well on their way to resurgence, and they filled out the crowd for the main stage as the headliners. (Just last year we heard them again in West Palm – selling out the Fairgrounds Amphitheater with Foreigner – who, by the way, will be rocking SunFest this year!)


A bit more about Foreigner… We were backstage visiting with Deen during a good part of the Foreigner show last summer, but we were able to catch a few of their songs, and I’m looking forward to seeing a full show from them as they cap off the SunFest weekend Sunday night. Here’s a little bit of video/audio from last summer’s show: that great Foreigner song “Urgent.”

On the same stage this year as Foreigner (but a couple of hours earlier) is the Journey tribute band Odyssey Road, which is hands down the best Journey tribute band (or for that matter, the best tribute — period) that I’ve ever heard.  While they don’t go for the exact look, if you close your eyes they are indistinguishable from Journey live.  Oddly enough, I took their great drummer (Brian Lutz) to Journey a few years back, not knowing how big a Journey fan he is; not much later, he got this gig and now his proficient groove drives this excellent quintet.   Listen here to the great job they do on Journey material:

Over the next few days/weeks we’ll be highlighting our favorite past SunFest artists and looking forward in anticipation to the upcoming shows this year.  Thanks for visiting DoWestPalm!


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  1. Linda, 9 years ago

    Never Stop Believin is a much better Journey Tribute but these guys are OK.