Shopping Clematis Street on Saturdays in West Palm Beach

You don’t want to miss one of the coolest shopping experiences in West Palm Beach: Clematis Street on a Saturday. The West Palm Beach Green Market brings dozens of vendors with food, produce and all sorts of great gift items right to the waterfront in the downtown area. Here’s a walk-thru video from the opening day in October:

If you want to work the street in West Palm, you’ve got plenty of opportunities — whether you’re a shopper, or a food or gift vendor. While the West Palm Beach Green Market takes up the street at the east-most end of Clematis (at the “Palm”) with booths of every kind, the 500 Block Antique and Flea Market sets up just up the street with antiques and flea market items with great music accompanying the sales.

And here’s a singer from last Saturday’s 500 block sale doing some great jazz:

While I couldn’t find any music at the Green Market, the great jazz at the 500 block made it a must stop on Clematis Street. The Green Market has lots of wonderful food items; I found the local jerky and cheese sellers to have great samples (and I took some of the Habenero jerky home).

Don’t miss this great street full of great shopping opportunities as the Christmas season nears!


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