You Can Play Your Blues Away, or Dance the Night Away…

Do you love the blues?
Do you play the blues?

Do you love Latin Music?

Would you like to learn to dance Salsa?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, there’s a couple of ongoing events of note going down at BBKings…

Mondays  (for the foreseeable future, at least) Vince (of Big Vince and the Phat Cats) is hosting open mic nights at BB Kings. Vince Flora has an impressive resume in the local music scene, fronting the band Night Train for quite some time before starting the Hellhounds, and now playing with the Phat Cats.

Vince’s vocals and great harp playing is matched by the superb blues-fueled Phat Cats (no strangers to R&B, Rock and Soul, though).   Come on by, and you can sign up to play along with the heavy hitting Phat Cats on a tune or two; or bring your whole band.

There’s lots of possibilities.  And there’s no better stage to play on in downtown West Palm than BB King’s, with a top-notch live sound guy (Jeff) and a great sound system (ElectroVoice).  Or, if you don’t play, sit and listen to some great music. (By the way, if you want to see the individual snippets uneditited, you can find them at our YouTube page for DoWestPalm.)

Blues not your thing, but Latin is?  Thursdays are now Latin night at BBK’s with Salsa lessons starting out the evening.  I don’t even like Latin music (just kidding, but I miss the drum set), but I liked the band they had in there the night I dropped by — Orchestra De la Playa .  Had a decent crowd, too, especially for a weeknight. The nachos are good, too.

Here’s a bit of video of the band; not too shabby!  (Just needs a guy on a drum set.)



Sooooo… there’s some option’s for a couple of the “off nights” in West Palm (IF you’re a player or a dancer, or like listening to great
players or watching great dancers…)


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