The Visual Arts Are Alive and Well in Downtown West Palm; Galleries Galore!

I’m finally getting around to putting down some notes on the visual arts scene in West Palm.  You have to forgive us for our nearsightedness.  We’re musicians – you know, performance art – you know, Rock and Roll …

While we tend to ignore the other art forms, we want to highlight the amazingly rich resource present in the visual arts in the downtown community.

We took an afternoon (after being chided for our website’s lack of visual arts content by an arts dealer) to take a look at just some of the galleries present in the downtown area.  We barely scratched the surface with the few hours we had available.

First stop was the Lauren Adams Décor Gallery on Rosemary (, which is packed wall to wall with incredible décor art pieces.

I felt like the proverbial bull in the china shop trying to get some good photos of just a few of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of art works present in this CityPlace shop.
The family has been in this business for over thirty years and their collection shows the depth and wealth of experience in this fine collection.  They have art focused on European Antiquities in virtually every medium here.
The craftsmanship and detail on these pieces?  Exquisite.  Neither my photographic nor my journalistic skills can do justice to the collection of décor art here.  You have to see it.
The guys at the Décor Gallery pointed us to the Habatat Gallery on Clematis, which has an incredible selection of art glass.  This is another must-see; they have large and small pieces of glass and other mediums of art, but the glasswork is what stood out to me, with contemporary glass sculpture and fine art sculpture from both national and international artists.


This gallery, co-located in West Palm and in Virginia, just added a great coffee bar.





It is owned and operated by Lindsey Scott & Jay Scott, and has been in Florida for over 20 years (but the Habatat galleries have been in existence since 1971).

Just a bit farther down Clematis, still on the 500 block, is Lois Brezinski’s Artworks, another great gallery.  This gallery features Brezinski’s artwork, as well as art from Joe Davis, Matt Vaughn, and others.  As well as original art, the gallery has a large selection of posters. 

My favorite is a piece that hangs in city hall – a representation of Clematis Street – and signed and numbered prints of that beautiful piece are available at the gallery.  They also host a yoga class on Monday nights, and the art-filled surroundings are perfect.  They have a grand piano on site also, and occasionally host musical artists.

The photographic arts are well represented on Clematis, with the non-profit Palm Beach Photographic Centre located next to the library.

Founded in 1985, their current 33,000 square foot facility houses a gallery and classrooms for all sorts of photographic education, from mastering photographic and digital techniques to all sorts of different classes including using Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe tools.

Students have an opportunity to learn from and network with world-famous photographers, and can attend lectures by master photographers from the south Florida community.


We were just scratching the surface in our few hours; we didn’t make it to the Norton Museum, which is a priceless resource to the West Palm downtown community.  Another place of note is the Lake Pavilion right on the West Palm waterfront.  In October they hosted the Graham Flint Portrait of American show, an amazing photographic exhibition. 

This “green” facility hosts art and culture shows nearly year round, and is a beautiful, spacious setting for artwork.

We’ll do our best to pay more attention to the visual arts in West Palm…















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