Blues in its Most Essential Form: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Beer. Damon Fowler Blows Away CBN!

Clematis by Night brought back to the stage one of our favorite blues players, Floridian Damon Fowler (from Bradenton). The West Palm weather was perfect for this evening concert facing the waterfront, a far cry from the last time he played CBN.

In the depth of last winter Damon played here and it was in our estimation one of the best acts in recent history. There were several things that made it memorable. First, the stage was broken, so for the first time ever the band played on the pavement. Next, it was cold (as Florida ever is) and the crowd was sparse. Everyone was so cold, they gathered around the band to stay warm. Finally, we’ll never forget how Damon asked for a beer and before you knew it, 12 beers were lined up on the ground in front of him. That shows you how much fun everyone was having because there were probably only 50 people there. The problem was that they only had about 10 minutes left to play so before each song the band polished off a beer. You could tell some of the bandmates were having trouble after number 3. A very fun and memorable night.

And Thursday night was just as memorable, with a working stage and great weather to boot! You could have paid to see Damon at the Bamboo room earlier in the month, but the best DOwntown street party in West Palm brought him downtown for free! Damon’s three piece band closed out with the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post” and did an incredible job on it (with a band 1/2 the size!).

We combined all our video clips, but the YouTube editor reduces the audio quality; I’ve made all the individual clips to be available on our YouTube channel if you want somewhat better audio.

We record in CD quality stereo, but YouTube reduces the bitrate for streaming so it’s not quite as great sounding as we could wish. If you want really good sound, be sure and visit Damon’s website — click here — or go to Amazon to buy the album (or any of his other great albums).


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