The Kinected: Some of the Best Original Music Around

There aren’t a lot of bands that sound as good when I review the video as I remembered them live… Listening live I tend to miss the pitchy vocals, the missed riffs and dropped bass lines, which I catch later when I listen to the video.  Not so with The Kinected.  Not only do they have some of the catchiest hooks and melody lines in their original material, they nail the vocals, they nail the leads, and the arrangements and production are nearly flawless.

But you can judge for yourself.  Thursday at Clematis By Night they played to a great crowd in great weather (and Warner did his usual great job with the sound) so the video can speak for itself.

Not that The Kinected doesn’t do covers; they do a great job on the covers they do, but their original material shines.  Their website is as well produced as their music, and they have songs available on iTunes that I plan to download soon and hear…

They’re a bit of a staple downtown; they play regularly at the Blue Martini, helped to open Duffy’s downtown location with a live show, and played last year at Sunfest.

We look forward to hearing more from this up-and-coming band…

Here’s the one cover I caught:

There’s always great music downtown in West Palm Beach! Thanks to the City of West Palm and all the sponsors of CBN.


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