It’s looks like the Wonderama Band is ready to make an impact in downtown WPB…

The newest project from local drummer Steve Dupree looks to be a hit in local music venues…. The Wonderama Band was formed to fill a bit of a void in local music.  I spoke to Steve this week.

“I wanted to put together a great sounding Top 40 band for the South Florida market,” Steve told me.  Steve said he has nothing against the R&B trend many bands in the area follow, but wanted to present solid sets of music that would appeal to the younger demographic in South Florida with songs right off the current Top 40 charts (and a fair mix of Classic pop and rock).

Wonderama is a bit of a “friends and family” project.   Steve’s son Jordan does a great job covering contemporary vocals as well as guitar, and his friend Aaron is an outstanding lead guitarist.  A couple of great female vocalists fill out the ensemble, and Steve lays down a rock-solid foundation on drums (he’s been recording and playing for … well, we won’t say how many years.  Needless to say, he’s the oldest member of the band).

While the band just started earlier this year, they were able to quickly put together a full night of great music with their (mostly) young but talented personnel.

I made a trip outside of our regular DoWestPalm stomping grounds to catch a bit of video of the band.  They’re scheduled for some upcoming gigs in some Clematis clubs, so I wanted to give you a preview of this great band.


Watch our calendar here at DoWestPalm for their upcoming downtown gigs!


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