Has “Season” Started Early?

Living in South Florida and especially Palm Beach is pretty much on and off.  Like night and day, yes and no, up and down and goodbye, hello.  With the weather just about perfect all year long it’s not the leafs, the cherry blossoms or the snow that signifies the change of season, it’s the people.  Those who come down to escape the cold or those that take a much deserved break and/or vacation are how we know the times they are a changing.  Empty streets become bustling, half full restaurants become packed and events are not sparse nor crowded, they’re just the right size and mix.

The City of West Palm Beach welcomes the seasonal visitors with open arms and so does DoWestPalm.com.  After all, we are an international destination and many family’s home away from home.  However, downtown does such a great job of keeping this great city rolling all year, it’s hard to tell when the “season” ends and when it begins.  Downtown hosts so many great events (much of them free) year round for our guests and those that live here, it makes for the perfect endless summer.

During off season, locals are able to take a much deserved break and enjoy some of the great events that people relocate for months to enjoy.  For those of us that call West Palm home and those in the service industry that work hard during season and enjoy the lull, the events coming up this week make me think, has season started early?  Its September and there’s so much to do, it’s hard to find the time to take it all in.  Just take a look at all the choices coming up this THURSDAY and ask yourself, has season started or is this just a taste of what to expect for the 2011/2012 DOwntown season?  If it is, I can’t wait.

Don’t forget to make DoWestPalm.com your first stop before heading DOwntown this season.  We are committed to providing the most accurate and up to date information on events, deals, specials, music, meals, movies and more.  If you’re reading this blog then you’re already on our site so take some time and check out what’s going on DOwntown.  Take advantage of what this great city has to offer no matter what time of the year!

Thursday September 15th

6:00 Clematis By Night w/Sweet Justice

7:30 Bart Walker Band @ BB Kings.  (do a YouTube search and you’ll be first in line)

9:00 World of Beers brings back friends and favorites of DOWestPalm “Trial By Fire” (search them on our site to check out their past shows)

9:30 Adam Taylor @ O’Shea’s.  One of the best kept secrets for those who want great bands, great food and a great bar where everybody knows your name

10:00 Quiet Riot @ Respectable Street

There’s more going on, believe me.  Check out our happy hours to get your night started and continue to check the site for the latest and greatest of DOwntown West Palm




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