Country Music? Good Country Music? Downtown?

While Clematis By Night has a moratorium on country music (we’ll have to work on that), there’s a couple of venues that drop some great country acts into the mix.

Of course, WIRK’s acoustic country series at CityPlace with the likes of Randy Houser and Craig Campbell was a big hit this summer, but there’s still some good shows right down on Clematis.

World of Beer has their country music night Monday, and they slip in some other acts during the week too.  Monday Southbound Train did a great job mixing up country and southern rock in the loft at WOB.  Top notch musicianship pairs up with a country twang  just fine when these boys take it on.



They’ve had Brian Bobo and Samantha Russell in recently too.  So, don’t count country out in downtown West Palm.  It not just east of the turnpike…

And don’t forget Monday night after 9 if you’re “in the biz.” Great deals on draft (1/2 off!)


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