Samantha Russell and World of Beer: A Perfect Marriage 8/4/11

The Samantha Russell Band (acoustic version) sounded great Thursday (as usual); World of Beer is a fantastic place to drink beer, is a great place to listen to music, but is a terrible place to get good recorded audio (believe it or not, our camera does get good audio upon occasion). We got some footage from the floor (with plenty of beer-drinking-noise accompanying), and snuck up into the loft, where the background noise is reduced but sound is somewhat muted;  the footage from the loft was too good to pull, so I did some editing on it to keep it in.


These guys nail the harmonies, and I haven’t heard anyone who can sing Sugarland/Nettles like Samantha can.   As always, I have nothing but good to say about the Samantha Russell Band.  I’m sure they will keep up the great work, and hopefully we can get the full band back somewhere in downtown West Palm soon, as well as their continued acoustic gig at the World of Beer.

I can’t post about World of Beer without commenting on their great selection of brews.

Whatever your taste in beer, dark or light, they should be able to soothe your palate with the perfect beverage…

Sunday nights in August are going to be original music nights, with not one, but two (or three) artists each night, so mark your calendars. Joey Beesley, “Lavola” and “Howling Winds” will be on August 7th, and “Wolfbreaker Orchestra” and “Your Umbrella” will be there August 14th. Mark your calendars!

We started because we found it difficult to find schedules for music downtown. The World of Beer website is the exception; they keep pretty current info there, so if you can’t find it our our event calendar, check with them.


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  1. Samantha Russell Band "Unplugged", 9 years ago

    Thanks again for the wonderful review and it was a pleasure meeting you both Thursday evening….see you soon!