Down At Clematis And Up In The Loft (at World Of Beer with Trial By Fire)

So when you walk into World of Beer on Clematis in West Palm (and I believe all the WOB’s are set up this way) you have to look to the sky to see the band.  They are nested well above the bar in a little alcove, and it’s difficult as heck to see them up there (but you can hear them great).

Thursday night a great three piece called “Trial By Fire” was playing at World of Beer; check out their great cover of this Gin Blossoms song:


Doesn’t make for very interesting video though, so our intrepid camera guy snuck up there to film the band (actually, he got permission) and he spotted an angel up there!  (Angel is the drummer…) The space is tight up there; there’s probably a small stage worth of floor space, but the ceiling is only about 5-6 feet high. Intrepid camera guy nested himself in the corner and got some great footage of a great band.

Despite the tight quarters he got some more video up close and personal:

Trial By Fire is a band you’ll want to follow via their facebook page ( We had a great time visiting with them on their break (the band is Artti Sowerbrower on Guitar/Vocals; Scott Louis Wolf – Bass; and Angel Valin Watson on Drums and background vocals). Intrepid Camera Guy was visiting with Angel (the drummer), but I was able to find out the Artti is an accomplished drummer also, and we talked for a few minutes about our favorite drummers (Dave Weckl, Jeff Pocarao, Bonham, Deen Castronovo). Artti plays in a couple other local bands, but as the drummer. Trial By Fire was the band of the hour, though; hopefully we can see them again downtown soon.

World of Beer is obviously working hard to bring some of the best local bands to entertain the West Palm clientele with more than just one of the most comprehensive collections of beer anywhere, but one of the most comprehensive collections of musical prowess.

The previous night “Dirty University,” another great acoustic band, did some great cover work on this Doors tune (and our non-intrepid, less than competent cameraman caught a couple glimpses of the band on screen):

Here’s another interesting “Dirty University” cover of “Possum Kingdom” by the Toadies; great acoustic cover of a song not easy to play or sing:
By the way, Wednesday night at World Of Beer is University night, with discounts for college students…

Again; World of Beers is a great place to listen to music, but not the best for video or audio recording (unless you can get upstairs).

Monday nights at WOB usually have a great country band, and last Monday was no exception. Monday after nine is “In The Biz,” and so great deals come right along with great music.

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