It’s a Live Music Downtown Saturday Night BC in West Palm

Can’t really call it a bar crawl, when you have so many different venues to hit, and try to catch a little bit of video at each one… more like a bar sprint!

So we went from fountain to fountain — probably missing some live music — but you can get an idea of how much is going on downtown on a typical weekend night.

It’s easy to forget about the significant sights and sounds of downtown when you’ve lived here a few years; I don’t even pay attention to the fountains, but then I notice how many people are taking pictures of the programmed lights and water.  This short video is actually late on a Sunday night (too many people around on Saturday):

Now to the music. First stop, Blue Martini. Great place for happy hour 7 days a week up until 8pm, when the bands start (pretty much like clockwork). Valerie Tyson’s band is the second one I’ve heard that started up with a set of smooth jazz songs. This is a genre I’d listen to all night, and especially when as well executed as this group of musicians.

The stage isn’t terribly big (about the size of the drum riser at a Journey concert) but somehow the 5 piece band and three singers fit onto it. Valerie is a South Florida staple, and always does a great job belting out the Rhythm & Blues…

I’ve written before about the best house band I’ve ever heard… The BB King All Star Band was our next stop, and their top notch horn section was out in full force…

BB King’s was hopping with action; the band was rocking, and did a great job on Stevie Wonder:

We walked back down to the fountain where Solid Gold was performing outside to a large crowd (yet another free West Palm Beach music venue in the Cityplace plaza):

A short walk took us down to O Shea’s on Clematis; the band’s guitar player was absent, but Stranger Danger still did a great job in this friendly little Irish pub. They were playing some Beatles when we came in.

Then they threw up a great cover of an Oasis song:

And followed it up with another great cover; pretty good for a three piece, eh?

We bypassed Respectables (couldn’t get in without a cover), and went on down the street, following some booming drums from an unusual corner; Bahama Mama’s had a band — “Metallucious”:

The band at Reef Road Rum Bar was rocking to a Tom Petty tune:

And lots of beer drinkers were packing out World of Beer and enjoying the band “Full Throttle”:

So we made our way from the CityPlace fountain to the Clematis fountain. There’s great music to be found in downtown West Palm; and not just Saturday, but every day of the week…


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