Downtown Dodges the Rain for Clematis by Night with Flavor

After a two-week hiatus, Clematis by Night came back this week with a hot band, a hot competition and a hot but rain free evening. “Flavor,” the band of the night, debuted at CBN with style, flair and great sound.

The crowd started out a bit sparse; just 3 minutes southwest it was pouring rain, so many may have decided to see if downtown would stay dry and warm, which it did… Flavor, a 7 piece ensemble from Miami, opened it up easy…

But then went into a great three song series, heating up the beat and stepping up the intensity with each transition…

The evening’s music was paused for a bit as the Downtown Waiter’s Race took place (and a nod to Bastille Day 2011): E.R. Bradley’s Mike Sonnendecker won first place, and a trip to Paris as the prize!

And by the time the sun went down, the crowd came up and filled the plaza with dancing as Flavor closed out the night with their great show.


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