Off the Hookah puts on a great party for its anniversary on Clematis in West Palm

The 300 block on Clematis was closed down Wednesday for some deconstruction Wednesday; if “deconstruction” means breaking it down to essential elements — of music and fun.  $20 bought a wrist band and night of food and all sorts of music and other amusements.  Right around 7:30 the big horse trailer pulled onto Clematis with two real live camels and their handlers. Lot’s of people got their pictures taken with the big beasts. No one got spit on; the camels were mellow; and it’s a myth that they spit on you. When upset, they puke all over you.  (Glad I waited to look that up until after I got the camel footage.)  Check out the Sphinx there in the background…

Dawn Patrol opened up the street dance with some great music:

All sorts of regalement was present, from the regular costumes of the OTH girls and a sort of strange streetwalker…

… and the DJ’s took over later inside OTH and outside in the street.


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