Tom Jackson, Craig Campbell, and Randy Houser Country-fy CityPlace thanks to WIRK

Another night of perfect weather (hot, but nicely overcast) set the stage for Tom Jackson to open another of the WIRK free concert series at CityPlace. Jackson opened for Craig Campbell and Randy Houser in a night of incredible country music right in DOwntown West Palm. Kudos to WIRK for bringing three straight hours of great country music to CityPlace. And some folks can’t find things to do in DOwntown West Palm? was there to catch some video, too (along with about 1500 other South Floridians there to see the show).

Jackson opened with two sidemen; a great drummer on a pared down kit and a great acoustic player covering leads and backing Jackson up. He warmed the crowd up (not that they weren’t ready to rock) for Craig Campbell, who also had two side men on acoustic who could back up Campbell with great leads and rhythm guitar (and some mandolin) that was almost as perfect as their backing harmonies. Campbell finished with a what will have to be a sure fire country hit (She Loves To Fish).

How could it get any better?  It surely could! Up came the headliner, Randy Houser, who plunked himself down on a chair, and with the help of a great piano player got personal with the country fans of West Palm Beach. Houser played a whole lot of great new songs, and covered some great old ones — many he said he hadn’t done in years and years.  (You couldn’t tell; he covered them perfectly.)  He included the song he co-wrote that Trace Atkins picked up and made a hit — “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” (he said, “It didn’t make us rich, but it sure paid off a lot of bills”) and finished up with his hit song “Boots On.”



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