BB King’s: Great Bands, Great Venue; Where are the Crowds?

BB King’s in West Palm Beach is definitely one of the nicest venues of its type in South Florida.  To me it has that sort of campy House of Blues feel without being a full concert venue.  Though I love the House of Blues, it’s dang hard to catch actual blues there, though.  Our local BB King’s, while not purely a blues venue, has more blues acts than many of the HOB’s.

When you go see an act at BB King’s West Palm, you’re going to be within what would be a normal concert’s orchestra pit seating nearly anywhere in the venue.  You’re going to have top notch audio, with a professional tech running it though one of the best house PA’s (all ElectroVoice) I’ve heard anywhere.   The lights are state of the art, again, with that same professional handling (and no annoying strobes).

The All Star Band (the house band) is hands down the best house band I’ve ever heard.  Balance, groove, musicianship, they’ve got it all.  I talked to someone who had heard the NYC BB King’s house band, and they agreed that West Palm ensemble tops nearly everyone else.

And the house band is rivaled  (and sometimes excelled) by the visiting bands. I listened to Devan Allman’s band (Gregg Allman’s son) there.  They were every bit as polished as mainstream artists I’ve heard (reminded me of Kenny Wayne Shepherd a few years back), and a great deal for the $10 or so for the cover.

Yeah, the food is good, but not great; but good food, great music; that’s fine for me.  My question?  Where’s the crowds?  I’ve been in there when they had an incredible band and a handful of fans…  Yes, there’s a $5-10 cover usually… is the West Palm crowd really that cheap?

Just last night they had a great tribute band in there (U2) and you can hear from the video snippet they had they’re show down pat.  The recent Journey and Clapton Tribute bands we heard were outstanding.  Hopefully the word gets out, the crowds get bigger, and we’ll get to see this venue grow and prosper…




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