Not just great martinis; great food and great music at Blue Martini

You would be hard pressed to find anyone downtown that has more great deals going on every day than Blue Martini, one of which is their happy hour seven days a week (we’ll have details soon on our Happy Hour tab). We stopped by there on a Saturday, and a band I hadn’t heard before was setting up, so we lingered to hear how they sounded, and enjoyed a couple of items off their happy hour menu (the Chicken Tenderloin and Margherita flatbread). Their quality and presentation was comparable to anything you’ll find at a five star property, and their Blue Agave Martini was wonderful.

The band (“Flavor”) was a four piece instrumental with two vocalists, but they opened up with some instrumental jazz pieces that surprised me with their great musicianship and the ability to groove. They were a band I could sit and listen to all night… Our handheld video below doesn’t quite do them justice, but you can get the idea…

Then the two singers came up, and they were as good on vocals as the band was on their instruments…

They ended the first set with a rippin’ fine cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” (check out the singer’s high notes about 1:15 in…).

I have a couple friends who have played the Blue, and I knew their bands were good, but I’ve found the entertainment to be consistently fine… (and they start early — 8:00pm usually — with a DJ taking over around 11pm).

If you haven’t been in the Blue Martini (maybe you thought it was too “club-y” for you) but you love great music and great (and affordable) food, you’d better plan a trip there.


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