Downtown West Palm: Not just a lot of bands; a lot of GREAT bands!

A friend of mine told me about the great happy hour at Blue Martini in West Palm.  It goes until eight (you can find the menu under our Happy Hour section) and the tenderloin I ordered was great!  The band was setting up while I ate… I have to confess, I really haven’t considered Blue Martini as one of the spots I would frequent to listen to the band. I have a couple friends who play in different bands, and I’ve caught those bands there (and they’re good bands) but I thought the “run of the mill” bands there, were… well, run of the mill.   But while this band was getting ready (they’re called “Love Child” — can’t say much for the name) the bass player was doing some very cool warm ups with harmonics, and the guitarist and the drummer had some great gear, so I stuck around to hear them (drummer had a very cool vintage Rogers Super 10 snare and Sabian Chester Thompson ride…).

They sounded great.  Great lead vocals, smoking guitar solos, hot rhythm section; they’re really worth hearing, and I’ve got a new respect for the band choices at Blue Martini.  The sound system at Blue Martini really shines, too… (Check out the guitar solo at 3:15 in the video below.)

When I left there it was drizzling, so I figured the band down at the CityPlace outside plaza stage would of been called off, but Groove Line was hanging in there despite the rain and the drips coming down on the band stand.  And they sounded great, too!  (The video here doesn’t really do them justice…)

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s much harder to find bad entertainment in downtown West Palm than in most locales I’ve frequented over the years.

Overall the musicianship in south Florida really rivals a lot a places more noted for their music.  I’ve had some experience in the music scene in the Pacific Northwest (some pretty decent bands have come out of there) and one of my musical sons spent some time in Nashville, but South Florida and West Palm hold their own to those places.  (And I have a son in Gainesville; I guess some famous guy is from there — and they have a great music scene — but not like our area.)

I’ve been known to play out a bit myself over the years, and with some of the best musicians in the Pacific NW, but I’ve had the opportunity to play here in Florida with equally world class musicians and, to be honest, the best I’ve ever played with… (they’re way better than me, it’s been my privilege to play with them).

All that to say (I guess): Don’t take for granted the great music (of all genres) available right here in our neighborhood…


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