Some of the Best Music to be found is at the Christ Fellowship Night of Worship

This was a tough place to get some video footage on the eve of the 4th of July, because during the Night of Worship the Harriet Himmel was packed wall to wall with young and old enjoying the exceptional quality of music and worship here in Christ Fellowship’s downtown campus. While the lighting was subdued (with candles illuminating the background), the music was not. Among many other songs, the worship team introduced Hillsong’s “Tear Down the Walls” to this congregation, and may have even improved on the original; didn’t catch it on video, but here’s another selection shot from the upper level.

Whatever your religious background (or lack thereof) it’s definitely worth dropping by one of their services, if only to hear the amazing job the young musicians and singers do on these contemporary worship songs. It’s always a big enough crowd that you can slip in relatively unnoticed if you want, and there’s usually complementary coffee or tea available just to the right as you come in. It would be hard to find a more casual (and friendly) environment to experience Church…


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