On Sundays The Harriet Himmel Becomes a (Rocking) Church.

Though it’s been converted for quite some time now from a church to a multi-purpose concert hall and event location, on Sundays the Harriet Himmel becomes a church again for the downtown campus of South Florida’s Christ Fellowship.

While there’s lots of music of all kinds all over downtown West Palm Beach, some of the area’s most talented young musicians and singers gather at the Harriet Himmel every Sunday to assist in this worship service; and once monthly, the church hosts its “Night of Worship,” (July 3rd this month) when the whole evening service is music and worship.

If you can’t make it a few minutes early expect standing room only at this event, which often features the skilled musicians and worship leaders from the multiple campuses of Christ Fellowship. It may be just acoustic guitars, but usually the full complement of electric guitars, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and keyboards will fill the evening with skilled and joyful song.

The music (and the message, during regular services) is probably not what many would expect; the band covers many contemporary worship songs (by the likes of Chris Tomlin) as good or better than the originals, and while there is an updated hymn thrown in the mix occasionally most of the songs are dynamic, and … well, loud.  And there’s nothing wrong with loud — not even in church.

The church also focuses on the local community, hosting back to school events, outreach events to depressed outlying areas such as Belle Glade, and ministers to those as close as West Palm’s homeless and as far away as Haiti and all around the world.

While the majority of those attending are young (many are PBA students) all ages are welcome. Dress is a casual as you want.  (It’s not unusual for the pastor to speak in jeans and flip-flops!)



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