For A Couple of Hours, CityPlace became the Country Music Capitol of Florida… with Ty Stone, Steve Holy, and Phil Vassar

It was just about as hot as South Florida can get, and the performers were just about as hot as Country music can get, when Ty Stone, Steve Holy, and Phil Vassar took the stage at the CityPlace plaza, courtesy of 107.9 WIRK, Budweiser, and Taste of CityPlace.

I thought the guitar tech was finishing up for Steve Holy to start the show when Ty Stone plopped himself on the stool, but Stone — a newly signed artist — opened the show with a trio of songs that set the bar really high for the day — even higher than the sweltering late afternoon temperatures.  Stone is a young songwriter/singer discovered by Kid Rock (who accompanied Rock, opening for him on tour) and is one of the newest artists in Warner Nashville’s stable.  Look forward to his upcoming record release.

Following Stone was Steve Holy, accompanied by two smokin’ acoustic guitarists.  Holy returns to the country music scene after a couple of years sabbatical, and looks to be back in stride, as he mixed up his top country hits with great new music  — some of which didn’t have working titles yet, but definitely were of the same top-of-the-chart quality as his hits “Good Morning Beautiful” and “Brand New Girlfriend,” which were every bit as good performed acoustically as they are in their radio edits.

Capping the evening was Phil Vassar, who deferred to requests from the crowd rather than following a set list. Of course, all his hits were among the requests… He stood center stage playing piano with two accomplished musicians providing acoustic guitar and background vocals, and even mixed some Jackson Browne in with his repertoire.  Despite the heat he remained animated throughout the evening, and the large crowd stayed with him all through the evening.

CityPlace was filled to the brim with country music fans this Wednesday night,  proving again that every genre of music has a strong following in the diverse population of West Palm Beach.  The sponsors should be commended for bringing artistry comparable to Nashville or Austin to our DOwntown.

The concert followed up with an after-party at BB Kings, and CityPlace overall looked more like a weekend than a Wednesday night, and more like “the season” than the summer.  It’s not surprising that West Palm Beach recently scored number 11 — worldwide — for summer destinations in a US News and World Report tally of the top 12 summer vacation spots.  We’ll talk a bit more about that in a future blog…





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