Journey’s Audio Clones (Odyssey Road) perform at BB Kings West Palm

The Journey Tribute band Odyssey Road brought a good sized crowd into BB King’s on a Tuesday night, and justly so; they covered Journey to the note. While they don’t attempt the look (although Paulie G. does look a bit like Schon, albeit taller and left-handed) the lead vocals by James “Bubba” Sanderford matched Steve Perry’s, and the harmonies were impeccable. The keyboard work and bass work were perfect too, and Brian Lutz’s flawless drumming nailed the Journey sound down pat.

This big Journey fan was seriously impressed by their ability to replicate Journey’s sound to the last detail. It didn’t hurt that BB Kings has one of the best house sound systems I’ve ever listened to, and state of the art LED stage lighting… If you enjoy Journey music at all, you’ve got to hear Odyssey Road, hopefully again at BB King’s.

Also, remember that BB King’s is bringing in a tribute band every Tuesday. Support live music, West Palm! And keep checking for your best source for what’s happening DOwntown West Palm!


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  1. Mike Soper, 9 years ago

    Thank you for the great review! Much appreciated!