Sarah Packiam: Another great (but unheralded) event on Clematis!

So I went downtown to see the Rod Stewart tribute at the Meyer Amphitheater (parked at the Banyan street garage — free on Sunday) , and I hear this great sounding voice coming from the vicinity of the Palm on the waterfront of West Palm. I sidelined my plans to grab a burger, and headed towards the intercoastal. Sarah Packiam, who played at Sunfest this year, was playing a gig for Ford with her trio just east of the fountain, and sounded great — at least, for the two songs I heard her. She is easily the best up-and-coming female vocalist in South Florida, and I would have loved to listen to her full performance, but this one slipped by on us. It obviously snuck up on everyone else, because it was only sparsely attended (and once you hear the attached video, you’ll hear how great she is, and what a shame it was that more people weren’t there listening).

That’s the reason we started, to find these gems and make sure they are publicized; as we continue to ramp up this website, we’ll be canvassing every source we can to ensure that top-tier music performances like Sarah’s get some publicity… take the opportunity if you get a chance to hear her; her web site is…


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  1. Dacey, 9 years ago

    This video is really good .I like the background beats and the singer has sung a lovely song.