“WOB” one over this way, buddy…”

Ever have a run in with a  “Stone Arrogant Bastard?”  And not one in the bottle, but on tap?  Or been double-tapped by a double IPA, like Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA?  It can happen – yes, to you – during a visit to our own premier, home-grown Florida beer dispensary, World Of Beer, open in its newest incarnation right here on Clematis in West Palm Beach (also know as WOB).

And if two pages of beers on tap isn’t enough selection, there’s Blue Point Hoptical Illusion in the bottle (I love these names) and the twins, Dogfish Head Hellhound On My Ale and Midas Touch Ancient Ale.  (This pair will slap you a bit, at 10% and 9% alcohol content.)  And some of my personal favorites (having lived in Oregon for years) are the Rogue beers, one of my favorites being the Dead Guy Ale (I wonder who the Dead Guy is?) and nearly a dozen other flavors from Rogue (they have a couple on tap, too.)  (Rogue brewery began in Ashland, Oregon – on the Rogue River – but eventually moved out to Newport, Oregon.)

And what could be better than great beer?  Great beer with great music, served up by the two piece incarnation of “Sekond Nature,” appearing last night as acoustic guitar, vocals, and bongos/assorted percussion.  Great covers of Dave Matthews, Zeppelin, Dylan, Skynard; just about everything anyone could want, with the chords drifting down from the band loft above the bar (which a believe is a signature WOB feature).  WOB typically has live music Wednesday thru Saturday.  Multiple TV screens have the sports contests of note on also.

We sat on the patio which still had a direct line of sight (and sound) to the band; if we’d chosen to eat, a number of Clematis Street restaurants will deliver food to WOB in a matter of minutes (World of Beer doesn’t serve food – just beer, wine and cigars.)   Our server gave us great service, and was more than willing to share the merits (and pitfalls) of the half price drafts available that night (I’m sure she has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the bottle selection also).

World of Beer is a fine addition to the rich assortment of music available in Downtown West Palm Beach, located a beer bottle’s throw (but don’t try that) from the city’s new waterfront development, opposite of the fountain.  One caveat; no Bud Light…  But there’s some other fine lagers on tap also.

Here’s a video of WOB on another night (another great band — CoverUp — was playing) so you can see the “loft:”


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