We were tired of not knowing what’s up in WPB Downtown…

We were tired of not knowing what’s up in WPB Downtown…  And we’re not going to take it anymore!  A friend and I both love the downtown music scene — especially all the free music available in West Palm Beach — but were constantly frustrated but the difficulty in finding one place that has all the music (and other events) listed in West Palm.

We believe that the West Palm downtown area has more free music that nearly any metropolitan area in the country.  Clematis By Night, Sunday at the Meyer, the Jazz Series at the library, and multiple free concerts at the CityPlace plaza are just a few of the free don’t-even-have-to-buy-a-beer-or-pay-a-cover events available to residents and visitors to West Palm Beach’s downtown.

Then there’s the street parties like MoonFest and other parties put on by the local establishments.  And there’s great entertainment in the local establishments also!

So we’ve pooled our resources and thrown up this web page.  We’re going to do our best to get EVERY music, art, and theatrical event posted here in one place — not for all South Florida, or all Palm Beach County, or even all West Palm Beach.  We’ll cover from the Intercoastal to the Kravis, from Philips Point to Quadrille, and give you places to have great fun, great food, great music in downtown West Palm.


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